Month: November 2014

🍗 Happy thanksgiving! 🍗

Hi everyone! I hope you guys had a great thanksgiving! I know I’ve been pretty in-active lately, so I’ve decided to do a 365 day challenge!! Last year, I bought a book for a 365 day challenge. So that will be my guideline for the day to day activities, and Tomorrow will be my first day. By the way thanks for all the views!!


🔆 Good morning 🔆

Hi everyone!! Something great happened at school and I’ve never been more excited or happy! My art teacher has asked me to design and paint a few murals at the school! She told me that she has never had this much talent in a student that’s a freshman!! This is a great experience and I’m glad she chose me to do it!! I’ll post my designs and I do them so keep checking back! I wanted to thank everyone who help me get where I am in my art career today!!

On another note, I’ve saved/raised $156.00!! I’m getting that much closer to my $400.00 dollar goal!!


This is my official logo for art for the oceans!!!