Month: September 2014

Art for sale!!

Hi everyone! I’ve been busy with my art and I finally have some for sale!! So if your interested, please comment. If you go to my menu, you’ll see an art page, click on that and you’ll see what I have for sale. They’ll be between 3-5 dollars, I haven’t decided yet. Thanks everyone who’s taken interest in my website!! It means a lot πŸ™‚


30 day blogging challenge: day 30!

Day 30: things that make me happy
Things that make me happy are…
– having a drawing I’ve been working on for a while turn out good
– rain on a window
– tiny flowers growing in random places
– small family trips
– my friends
– my family
– someone giving me compliments πŸ™‚
– getting good grades
– hoodies*
– being an inspiration
– hot chocolate
– Florida

30 day blogging challenge: day 27

Day 27: do I want to be famous? Yes, not for singing or acting, but for making a difference in the world. I would love to be known for what I did to help, and I don’t mean like “oh Lauren your so amazing for everything you did, let us praise and only treat you like royalty!!” No, I just want people to think of me as an inspiration and to be the start of a wave of hope for the ocean. 🌎🌊🌏

30 day blogging challenge: day 26

Day 26: if I could rid the world of one thing, it would be pollution in the ocean. It’s so sad to see the ocean slowly die and it’s even more sad is that there IS something we can do about it but there aren’t as many people helping as there should be. But not just the ocean! Any part of the would should get the same type of attention.

30 day blogging challenge: day 25

Day 25: what was the last dream I remember having?
I honestly don’t remember the last dream I had :/ sorry! But so I have something to write about, I’ll write about this article I found a while ago!

(Full credit to National Geographic for this amazing article!)
This is amazing what this little octopus did!! It’s sad she died though 😦
There’s also a cool video on YouTube about it! Go check it out

30 day bogging challenge: day 22

day 22: well today I’m suppose to write a letter to my teenage self, so since i am a teenager, I’m going to write about one of my friends Cassandra!! She’s very sweet and pretty. She loves animal as much as I do! She’s also an artist like me πŸ™‚ Im lucky to have meet her! She does photography too! These are some of her pieces


❀ them!