Month: August 2014

30 day blogging challenge: day 18

Day 18: three things I’m proud about my personality
1. I’m proud that I’m not afraid to express myself and try new things
2. I’m determined
3. I’m strong (mentally) 😉


30 day blogging challenge: day 17

(I decided to decorate my school planner cover)

Day 17: how have I changed in the past two years?
In the past two years, I’ve change a lot. I’ve gotten more serious about art and saving the ocean. I’ve also grown in my faith and my relationship with God. I’ve meet so many people, grown closer to people I’ve known and grew apart from some. I’m thankful that I am where I am today, I wouldn’t be here without so many people helping me. 🙂

Oh! I’m a little taller now too 😉

30 day blogging challenge: day 12-15

(I finally finished my painting!)
Day 12: turn on’s and turn offs
I’m still only 14, so how about, in honor of shark week, my favorite sharks!!
1. Hammerhead shark
2. Basking shark
3. Whale shark ( I think they’re sharks right?)
4. Lemon shark
5. Tiger shark
6. Thresher shark
7. Cookie cutter shark
8. Nurse shark
9. Great white shark
10. Black-tip reef shark
(Again not in any specific order)

I hope, even after shark week ends, people will still think of sharks and the ocean as something to respect, and protect. 🌎

30 day blogging challenge: day 11

Day 11: if I had 1,000 dollars, how would I spend it?
If I had a 1,000 dollars, I would…
save $300 for myself (personal spending)
Donate $300 to Mote Marine and Save Our Sea Birds
Use $300 to start a save our sea program to raise awareness about our oceans
Use the last $100 to go to florida on vacation (I know it’s not a lot but it’s a start) 🙂

30 day blogging challenge: day 10

Day 10: bucket list!
Before I die I want too….
-Star in a movie
-learn fluent sign language
-sponsor a child
-try every Ben and Jerry’s flavor
-get a job at a photography studio
-ride an elephant in India
-decorate a stop sign
-ride in a hot air balloon
-play hide and seek in ikea
-visit the national museum of national history
-try fried Oreos
-work at a zoo
-make a time capsule and open it in 10 years
-find a four leaf clover
-go on a aquarium date
-attend a masquerade
-move in with my best friend
-host a holiday party
-re decorate my room
-take my mom and dad on the vacation of there dreams
-finish everything on my bucketlist